How to talk about your feelings and needs in Finnish

How to talk about your feelings and needs?

I made this free 4-part Memrise course to help you practise something that I constantly hear people struggling with: talking about your feelings and needs in Finnish.

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In English and in many other languages, you can usually get by using "I feel..." or "I am..." when you're expressing that you're tired/hungry/cold. You may have noticed that in Finnish it's not always that simple. Sometimes, you might use "minua" instead of the nominative "minä" in the beginning of the sentence: "Minua palelee." Or "minulla on". Or "minusta tuntuu". And how do you ask if someone's cold?

These phrases are important to everyone who's living their everyday life in Finnish. That's why I've included some very basic phrases like "Väsyttääkö sinua" ("Are you tired?"). It's this kind of little expressions that will help you build a rapport with someone in another language, don't you think?

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