The colours in Finnish - värit suomeksi

Colours are adjectives. And like a lot of Finnish adjectives, many (but not all) of the colours end in -nen.

Here are some colours in Finnish:


Sometimes you may want to describe a colour. Light blue, dark blue, mint green and so on. Usually, the most natural-sounding way to do this is to add a genitive word (adjective or noun) in the front.

vaalea = light (the genitive: vaalean)

vaaleansininen = light blue

tumma = dark (the genitive: tumman)

tummanvihreä = dark vihreä

taivas = the sky (the genitive: taivaan)


lohi = salmon (the genitive: lohen)

lohenpunainen = salmon red (in English this is usually called salmon pink)

minttu = mint (the genitive: mintun)