Talking about hobbies and interests in Finnish

Harrastan ulkoilua.

Harrastan ulkoilua.

Mitä sinä harrastat?

You've probably heard the noun harrastus before, right? It means 'hobby'. But what about the verb harrastaa? It's a verb to which there's no clear equivalent in English. I've written down some examples of how to use the verb.


harrastaa + partitiivi


Mitä sinä harrastat vapaa-ajallasi?

Minä harrastan jalkapalloa.

Harrastatko sinä jotain?

Hän harrastaa uintia.

Etkö sinä harrasta mitään?

Harrastan piirtämistä.

Moni suomalainen harrastaa juoksemista.

Harrastan tietokonepelejä, ulkoilua, kitaransoittoa ja joogaa.

Harrastin lapsena jääkiekkoa.

Harrastitko sinä lapsena jotain? [jotain = something]

En ehdi harrastaa mitään.

Olisi kivaa harrastaa jotain.

What do you do in your free time?

I play football.

Do you have a hobby?

He swims. / His hobby is swimming.

Don't you have any hobbies?

I draw. / My hobby is drawing.

Many Finns run [in their free time / as a hobby / etc.].

My hobbies include computer games, being outdoors, playing the guitar and yoga.

I used to play ice-hockey as a child.

Did you have a hobby of some kind as a child?

I dont have time to have any hobbies.

It would be nice to have a hobby.


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